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Headshots, avatars or profile pictures. Whatever you call them they are a must. You want to be seen and people want to see you.

A friend of mine recently took a few pictures of me.  I was feeling like my blog and all my other social media outlets needed a few pictures. I work in TV, and spent much of my youth on stage, but I’m usually not the first person to jump in front of the camera. I don’t mind doing it, but I’d rather get the other person to smile for the picture or talk on a video.

Things are changing and I want to be out there. So here I am world…..well at least pictures of me. 🙂 I hope to do a little video work soon. Stay tuned. I’ve added a slide show below of some of my photo session. What do you think?

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If you would like to see more of my friend Tamara’s photography, please check out her website Mara. J. Photography.


There’s no better way to say you care than to recommend someone that deserves it on Linkedin.  It beefs up their page and it gives perspective employers an idea of how great an asset that person could be to a company.

I often get trapped in the same routine of receiving and giving recommendations to current and former colleagues, but I think it is also wonderful to recommend people you work with outside of your company.

I work with PR professionals. Some are excellent and some are downright terrible. I appreciate the PR professionals that are not pushy or demanding. The person that takes the time to get to know me and create a good working relationship. That person should be celebrated.

 Just like networking aids job seekers, networking while in your business creates good working relationships. This statement may be business 101 to most people, but believe me I’ve been treated poorly by some PR professionals. 

I believe that you should show appreciation where it is deserved and keep that positive professional relationship flourishing!

Are there any Moms out there that use Foursquare? Have you seen any benefits?

Being a mayor mean nothing to me unless there are incentives or deals for checking in to a location.

 As a mom, I don’t hit the town spending my nights at the trendiest clubs or restaurants, I’d love to check into these locations often, but who has the time or money for a babysitter. I find no honor in being the mayor of my local grocery store or playground.

So what’s this social media savvy mom to do with a foursquare app? 

 I’d like to encourage more “kid friendly/family friendly/mom friendly” locations to offer deals. Some hot spots include Zoo’s, museums, restaurants etc.. I love discounts! 

Here are my suggestions:

Restaurants- Kids eat free with parent mayor status.

Activities- Discounts on admission for first time check-in.

Business that are not geared towards children should reward Moms too! If its ” mom’s night out” please give her a free shot or appetizer. She deserves it. She’ll remember you the next time she can find a babysitter.

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on this topic?


What inspires you? For a long time I have felt that I’ve had a lack of inspiration. I came to a point in my life where I was just doing to do . Pretty uninspiring right? 

 Thank goodness for Social Media! It inspires me every day. It’s an outlet to express how I feel, to create and to learn. Although every social media platform has played its part; Twitter has been my true inspiration thus far. It’s not just the possibilities I see in using it, but the online community that it has helped me build. 

I still feel like a stranger looking in. Although I’ve been part of Twitter for almost a year. I still feel like the new kid in town. That is slowly changing as I make more inspirational contacts. 

I’d like to make a few shout outs to some “Tweeps” that are not only inspiring me, but they also inspire by what they do and have done. 

@bananza – She inspires me just by being her. Her blog posts are real, from the heart and you guessed it inspiring. I think about her when I catch myself thinking, that the only obstacle in life is myself. Anna has used running to change herself into the person she has always wanted to be.  Thanks Anna! Follow her blog here. 

@SusanKim4 – My co-worker and all around sweet person. I’ve watched her grow as a Twitter Maven! She inspired me to be more active on Twitter. She paved the way for many journalists to take a more active role with communicating with their audience. She is taking the television news industry to the next step and I am excited to see where it will take her and the business. 

@bootyp and @suespaight – These two ladies have shown me what good can come out of an online community. They have organized a chairty event, for a total stranger.  @teecycletim ‘s home was destroyed after the #brewcityflood hit Milwaukee hard in June. Katie and Sue  jumped to the aid of a person they had never met face to face. Their generosity is  catching. I have seen numerous “after shocks” of generosity from multiple Tweeps as well as organizations that are now also donating like @bigshoesnetwork. I was so inspired that I suggested they be a guest on @TODAYSTMJ4. Their guest appearance led to a story, that you can see here. 

@crelacion is one of the few people I knew before Twitter exploded into my life. We went to college together and worked on a reunion for our classmates. She is a driven person who explores social media and takes advantage of everything it has to offer. She has given me inspirational advice and has helped me to move forward in my goals. She was recently laid off and any company would be lucky to have her. Check her out here. 

@LauraGainor – This lady just blows my mind! When she moved to Milwaukee she saw a company she wanted to work for and did everything she could to get their attention. Her efforts by creating the “Hire Laura Gainor” campaign  paid off and she is now an employee of @cometbranding. She isn’t afraid to think out of the box and try every new social media related application out there. I never have to seek out that “new thing”… I usually look at her tweets and she’s already found it. Thanks Laura! 

Thank you all for your inspiration!

One last thing, since I’m writing about inspiration. You must check out this video.

My Twitter conversation with @Kohls_Official.

More and more companies are making it easier for customers to “Go Green” when it comes to printing paper coupons and bringing them in to the latest sale. Every day, my email inbox is bombarded with coupons for my golden trinity, Kohl’s, Target and Old Navy. I frequent these stores more than any other and I appreciate all the deals that are offered. Recently I decided to see what stores would honor coupons etc., which could be scanned directly from my IPhone. I successfully used the Target App on my IPhone to locate a baby shower gift and then had the sales associate scan the barcode on the app to mark it bought from the list. The sales associate was amazed and a bit skeptical that it was something he was allowed to do. I assured him that it was, but was a little disappointed that he was not trained or told by his manager that this was a possibility. I had a twitter conversation with about using a coupon on my IPhone that included a barcode. I was told, “I have had some customers tell me that store associates will accept them, if they have a barcode. Talk with a store manager.” This tells me that Kohl’s is still a little behind the times on this as well. I’m also disappointed that the Kohl’s App is limited to the weekly flier and store locator. It would be great if the Kohl’s App pulled up the coupons that were valid for the week. As we all know, Kohl’s seems to have a sale everyday and I don’t want to be caught without a valid coupon. One other note, it seems that all Kohl’s stores are a steel fortress. I’m unable to get a cell phone signal to bring up any type of internet connection. It would be nice to maybe get free Wi-Fi service at the stores so I can make and receive calls and pull up emails and Apps. I haven’t given Old Navy a try yet; however they do offer Twitter, Facebook and email advertisements equipping customers with secret words to tell the sales associate during checkout to receive a discount. I’m excited to see how these companies evolve as social media shopping becomes more popular. What are your experiences with using coupons from your cell phone? What successes and failures have you come across?

On Thursday July 22, 2010, southeastern Wisconsin saw nearly 8 inches of rain in a matter of a few hours. Interstates, highways and streets flooded making roadways impassable. Many homes and business were filled with rain water and sewage. Sinkholes formed swallowing homes and SUV’s. Perhaps the most tragic news to come out of the storms was a young man who drowned after trying to escape flood waters.

When severe weather and destruction like this occurs, local news is watched to receive the most up to date information. TV news journalists gather as much video and information they can to keep viewers informed while watching their televisions.

That is all and well if you have power, but what if you were one of the thousands of people sitting in the dark?

In that situation, I turn to my battery operated cell phone with internet access. That night, I monitored the news through websites and twitter on my IPhone.  I was able to see pictures from my social media friends, and keep in touch with my husband who was stuck in the elements.

I was very grateful for the social media news folks I follow for posting and for the web producers providing the most up to date information on weather and street closures.

Social Media and website information during media coverage is so very important. It may be the only option to get the news to the people who desperately need it. 

TV News Stations have launched Facebook, Twitter and Apps for the social media savvy user to follow coverage. Stations also have producers dedicated to coverage on company websites.

 Although traditional TV viewers still need to tune into local news on their television sets, there is a growing number of people who may only get information from the web or who can only due to the weather.   

My hope is that stations start to truly keep up with the growing pace of social media for those who can only receive that information in that form.

On a side note, I saw this blog post on how social media users were the first to report some of the bigger stories that came out of the flood as well as the first to post photos.

This could lead into a whole new blog post on the rise of citizen journalism and why news media should embrace this new phenomenon, but I’ll save those thoughts for another day.

Is there an etiquette to editing tweets?

I often need to edit retweets to add my own content. I also add capitol letters and fix spelling mistakes. What should I be doing as to not offend the original poster?

I took a poll on Twitter and asked what others do. I only recieved two responses.

“RT @ brianweidner  If I need space, I think it’s ok to edit the original tweet. Try to keep the main idea, but might take out some words. I’ve…”


“RT @marcusnelson I often alter tweets for brevity- but always append an attribution to original source. Not kind to leave others out. #EditRTs”

I then asked @marcusnelson for an example. Here is his response. “RT @marcusnelson Hmm, I can’t seem to find much in the way of a recent example, other than that simply an attribution

My personal feeling on the matter is to edit away my original post. I would like my original idea to stay intact, but other than that changes do not bother me. I’m not sure when or if a standard Twitter etiquette will be created. In the meantime, I’d love more feedback on what others do and how you feel about others editing your tweets. (I’ve attached screen shots of my conversations with my sources on etiquette)

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