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Laura David fought a long and difficult battle with ovarian cancer

Laura & Mark David

30-year-old Laura David of Slinger, WI passed away peacefully under the care of hospice Sunday July 3, 2011.  Laura was the inspiration for Laura’s Smile Mile, a 5K run/walk to raise awareness for ovarian cancer. The 5th annual event was held June 4, 2011, at Veterans Park on Milwaukee’s lakefront.

Laura was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 23, just three months after her wedding. She underwent numerous treatments, including several surgeries, chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.  She stayed strong through her faith in God and her positive attitude. Laura battled cancer head- on with a smile that was unforgettable.

Laura has touched so many people through her caring, loving and positive spirit. Her spirit complimented her passionate work with autistic children at the Wiebusch and Nicholson Center for Autism, Inc. as well as her support of the charity named after her.

Every year, Laura gave a speech to the participants, volunteers and the numerous survivors during Laura’s Smile Mile.  Each speech focused on the love and support of family, friends and strangers who helped to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. She encouraged survivors to dream big and to stay positive.

She lifted spirits and inspired many; we will never forget her smile.

Visitation and funeral were held at Phillip Funeral Home in West Bend.

For information on Laura’s Smile Mile go to

Dancer to Donate Funds to Laura’s Smile Foundation

Looking for something special to do for Mother’s Day weekend?

On Friday May 6th, Citizen Advocacy of Washington County will be holding a benefit called Dancing for a Difference from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm at the Chandelier Ballroom in Hartford, WI. The benefit will feature a cash bar, sit-down dinner, music & dancing, a competitive performance and silent auctions.

Proceeds from this very special dance and auction will benefit Citizen Advocacy of Washington County, an independent, non-profit organization that creates and supports one-on-one relationships between community volunteers and persons with developmental disabilities. Part of the proceeds for the evening, (33%), will also be contributed to other nonprofits in Washington County.

Amanda Deppert will be competing in the dancing portion and she has chosen Laura’s Smile Foundation as her non-profit recipient!

Amanda says, “Choosing Laura’s Smile Foundation was an easy decision for me.  I grew up in West Bend and Laura David was in school just a few years behind me. I still recall hearing the news of Laura’s cancer. I have always been inspired by her courage, faith, and tenacity for life.  LSF carries on that inspiration in the work they do.  I am honored to dance on behalf of Laura and the LSF.”

If you are unable to attend but would still like to support a great cause, you can raise money by voting for Amanda Deppert ($10 per vote) online on their website by visiting her name under the “Dancers” page. For more information, visit this Link

Original post can be found on the Laura’s Smile Foundation Blog.

*This post is not going into the ethical thoughts on the use of sources for confirmation or policies a newsroom should take. Its only for my thoughts on tweeted misinformation  and how I feel it should be corrected.*

Twitter has turned into a fantastic resource to receive your news. Information can come quickly and in breaking news situations, followers can stick with a journalist as the story progresses.

In the past without social media, this information was delayed for audiences. For newspapers , readers would wait till the next day for the article. For TV news, viewers would have to wait till the evening news. Now, if one hears sirens down the street and its big enough news, some journalist is probably tweeting about it.

In today’s social media world there is a race to release information. Journalists answer the call of followers to post as much information as possible in the quickest time possible. An example of this quick  tweeting came recently with the tragedy in Tuscon. A source at the local sheriff’s department told a news organization that Rep. Giffords had passed away after being shot at a town hall meeting. This information was immediately posted on Twitter. However, it was later determined that Rep. Giffords had indeed survived the shooting.

NPR was the first news organization to post that Giffords had died. Most big networks followed.

NPR issued an apology on the error through Twitter. Which was the absolute right action to take. They didn’t delete the original “death” tweet.

There have been many thoughts and discussions on this whole subject. I’ll try to keep my opinion simple and on point of tweeting errors. I believe that a corrected tweet should be issued, and then a  link should be posted to a story that  apologizes for the error with more details.

Example: CORRECTION: Early reports on death were incorrect. We are deeply sorry for this erroneous report. Here is a link with more information…..

Deleting the original post would do nothing for the people who already saw it, so its best to leave it and move on.

Admit to the error, apologize and move forward.

 This post is not going into the ethical thoughts on the use of sources for confirmation or policies a newsroom should take. Its only for my thoughts on tweeted misinformation  and how I feel it should be corrected.

I should also note that I tweet news stories for a local TV news station.

I love the idea of the “People You May Know” area on LinkedIn. I am able to connect with multiple contacts that I may not have known have a LinkedIn profile.

However, I wish that once I clicked on a person the list would not start over from the beginning. I’d like to return where I left off. Am I missing something? Is there a specific reason why it puts me back to the beginning of my list? Is there a benefit to this function?

Please fill me in….

I just wanted to express a quick note of enthusiasm for Social Media and Elections!

Wow! It was a terrific night to be a social media user! It’s a great place to voice your opinions. I found myself simultaneously interacting on social media while watching the returns on television. I love how interactive elections have become. I can’t wait to see how the use of social media will grow in future elections.

Headshots, avatars or profile pictures. Whatever you call them they are a must. You want to be seen and people want to see you.

A friend of mine recently took a few pictures of me.  I was feeling like my blog and all my other social media outlets needed a few pictures. I work in TV, and spent much of my youth on stage, but I’m usually not the first person to jump in front of the camera. I don’t mind doing it, but I’d rather get the other person to smile for the picture or talk on a video.

Things are changing and I want to be out there. So here I am world…..well at least pictures of me. 🙂 I hope to do a little video work soon. Stay tuned. I’ve added a slide show below of some of my photo session. What do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to see more of my friend Tamara’s photography, please check out her website Mara. J. Photography.

There’s no better way to say you care than to recommend someone that deserves it on Linkedin.  It beefs up their page and it gives perspective employers an idea of how great an asset that person could be to a company.

I often get trapped in the same routine of receiving and giving recommendations to current and former colleagues, but I think it is also wonderful to recommend people you work with outside of your company.

I work with PR professionals. Some are excellent and some are downright terrible. I appreciate the PR professionals that are not pushy or demanding. The person that takes the time to get to know me and create a good working relationship. That person should be celebrated.

 Just like networking aids job seekers, networking while in your business creates good working relationships. This statement may be business 101 to most people, but believe me I’ve been treated poorly by some PR professionals. 

I believe that you should show appreciation where it is deserved and keep that positive professional relationship flourishing!

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