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Headshots, Avatars and Profile Pictures

Posted on: October 14, 2010

Headshots, avatars or profile pictures. Whatever you call them they are a must. You want to be seen and people want to see you.

A friend of mine recently took a few pictures of me.  I was feeling like my blog and all my other social media outlets needed a few pictures. I work in TV, and spent much of my youth on stage, but I’m usually not the first person to jump in front of the camera. I don’t mind doing it, but I’d rather get the other person to smile for the picture or talk on a video.

Things are changing and I want to be out there. So here I am world…..well at least pictures of me. 🙂 I hope to do a little video work soon. Stay tuned. I’ve added a slide show below of some of my photo session. What do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to see more of my friend Tamara’s photography, please check out her website Mara. J. Photography.


2 Responses to "Headshots, Avatars and Profile Pictures"

I just spoke at a conference for Wisconsin Literacy and one of the main issues I talked about was switching up Avatars with different pictures. I compared it to seeing a number on caller ID and ignoring it. This is the visual age – people know you by your picture, so if you switch it up your message isn’t ignored as easy as before 🙂

These are great photos Amy. Tamara did a wonderful job! Can’t wait to see them all over the Web now! 🙂 I was talking with someone the other day and we were discussing people who don’t have photos on their LinkedIn profiles. It’s like “What are you trying to hide?,” or people who have photos from 10 years ago. That’s not you…show yourself in your photos and your message will be taken more seriously.

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