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Foursquare for Mom

Posted on: September 23, 2010

Are there any Moms out there that use Foursquare? Have you seen any benefits?

Being a mayor mean nothing to me unless there are incentives or deals for checking in to a location.

 As a mom, I don’t hit the town spending my nights at the trendiest clubs or restaurants, I’d love to check into these locations often, but who has the time or money for a babysitter. I find no honor in being the mayor of my local grocery store or playground.

So what’s this social media savvy mom to do with a foursquare app? 

 I’d like to encourage more “kid friendly/family friendly/mom friendly” locations to offer deals. Some hot spots include Zoo’s, museums, restaurants etc.. I love discounts! 

Here are my suggestions:

Restaurants- Kids eat free with parent mayor status.

Activities- Discounts on admission for first time check-in.

Business that are not geared towards children should reward Moms too! If its ” mom’s night out” please give her a free shot or appetizer. She deserves it. She’ll remember you the next time she can find a babysitter.

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on this topic?


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