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Posted on: September 2, 2010


What inspires you? For a long time I have felt that I’ve had a lack of inspiration. I came to a point in my life where I was just doing to do . Pretty uninspiring right? 

 Thank goodness for Social Media! It inspires me every day. It’s an outlet to express how I feel, to create and to learn. Although every social media platform has played its part; Twitter has been my true inspiration thus far. It’s not just the possibilities I see in using it, but the online community that it has helped me build. 

I still feel like a stranger looking in. Although I’ve been part of Twitter for almost a year. I still feel like the new kid in town. That is slowly changing as I make more inspirational contacts. 

I’d like to make a few shout outs to some “Tweeps” that are not only inspiring me, but they also inspire by what they do and have done. 

@bananza – She inspires me just by being her. Her blog posts are real, from the heart and you guessed it inspiring. I think about her when I catch myself thinking, that the only obstacle in life is myself. Anna has used running to change herself into the person she has always wanted to be.  Thanks Anna! Follow her blog here

@SusanKim4 – My co-worker and all around sweet person. I’ve watched her grow as a Twitter Maven! She inspired me to be more active on Twitter. She paved the way for many journalists to take a more active role with communicating with their audience. She is taking the television news industry to the next step and I am excited to see where it will take her and the business. 

@bootyp and @suespaight – These two ladies have shown me what good can come out of an online community. They have organized a chairty event, for a total stranger.  @teecycletim ‘s home was destroyed after the #brewcityflood hit Milwaukee hard in June. Katie and Sue  jumped to the aid of a person they had never met face to face. Their generosity is  catching. I have seen numerous “after shocks” of generosity from multiple Tweeps as well as organizations that are now also donating like @bigshoesnetwork. I was so inspired that I suggested they be a guest on @TODAYSTMJ4. Their guest appearance led to a story, that you can see here

@crelacion is one of the few people I knew before Twitter exploded into my life. We went to college together and worked on a reunion for our classmates. She is a driven person who explores social media and takes advantage of everything it has to offer. She has given me inspirational advice and has helped me to move forward in my goals. She was recently laid off and any company would be lucky to have her. Check her out here

@LauraGainor – This lady just blows my mind! When she moved to Milwaukee she saw a company she wanted to work for and did everything she could to get their attention. Her efforts by creating the “Hire Laura Gainor” campaign  paid off and she is now an employee of @cometbranding. She isn’t afraid to think out of the box and try every new social media related application out there. I never have to seek out that “new thing”… I usually look at her tweets and she’s already found it. Thanks Laura! 

Thank you all for your inspiration!

One last thing, since I’m writing about inspiration. You must check out this video.


2 Responses to "Twitter Inspirations"

Wow, thank you for the kind words Amy. I am honored to have inspired you.

There are a lot of great people mentioned on your list! It’s amazing how Twitter can inspire you each and every day. I’m not sure what I would do without Twitter. I wouldn’t be half as motivated or knowledgeable:)

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


Thanks Amy! This was so unexpected but your words mean a lot. I’m glad I’ve helped you discover more things online. I’m really hoping social media will help me land my next position.

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