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Barcode Coupon Experiment

Posted on: August 8, 2010

My Twitter conversation with @Kohls_Official.

More and more companies are making it easier for customers to “Go Green” when it comes to printing paper coupons and bringing them in to the latest sale. Every day, my email inbox is bombarded with coupons for my golden trinity, Kohl’s, Target and Old Navy. I frequent these stores more than any other and I appreciate all the deals that are offered. Recently I decided to see what stores would honor coupons etc., which could be scanned directly from my IPhone. I successfully used the Target App on my IPhone to locate a baby shower gift and then had the sales associate scan the barcode on the app to mark it bought from the list. The sales associate was amazed and a bit skeptical that it was something he was allowed to do. I assured him that it was, but was a little disappointed that he was not trained or told by his manager that this was a possibility. I had a twitter conversation with about using a coupon on my IPhone that included a barcode. I was told, “I have had some customers tell me that store associates will accept them, if they have a barcode. Talk with a store manager.” This tells me that Kohl’s is still a little behind the times on this as well. I’m also disappointed that the Kohl’s App is limited to the weekly flier and store locator. It would be great if the Kohl’s App pulled up the coupons that were valid for the week. As we all know, Kohl’s seems to have a sale everyday and I don’t want to be caught without a valid coupon. One other note, it seems that all Kohl’s stores are a steel fortress. I’m unable to get a cell phone signal to bring up any type of internet connection. It would be nice to maybe get free Wi-Fi service at the stores so I can make and receive calls and pull up emails and Apps. I haven’t given Old Navy a try yet; however they do offer Twitter, Facebook and email advertisements equipping customers with secret words to tell the sales associate during checkout to receive a discount. I’m excited to see how these companies evolve as social media shopping becomes more popular. What are your experiences with using coupons from your cell phone? What successes and failures have you come across?


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