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Retweet Etiquette?

Posted on: July 18, 2010

Is there an etiquette to editing tweets?

I often need to edit retweets to add my own content. I also add capitol letters and fix spelling mistakes. What should I be doing as to not offend the original poster?

I took a poll on Twitter and asked what others do. I only recieved two responses.

“RT @ brianweidner  If I need space, I think it’s ok to edit the original tweet. Try to keep the main idea, but might take out some words. I’ve…”


“RT @marcusnelson I often alter tweets for brevity- but always append an attribution to original source. Not kind to leave others out. #EditRTs”

I then asked @marcusnelson for an example. Here is his response. “RT @marcusnelson Hmm, I can’t seem to find much in the way of a recent example, other than that simply an attribution

My personal feeling on the matter is to edit away my original post. I would like my original idea to stay intact, but other than that changes do not bother me. I’m not sure when or if a standard Twitter etiquette will be created. In the meantime, I’d love more feedback on what others do and how you feel about others editing your tweets. (I’ve attached screen shots of my conversations with my sources on etiquette)


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