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“I’m On My Way”

Posted on: June 20, 2010

While signing up for my blog, The Proclaimers song “I’m On My Way!”, is floating around in my head. I’ve been thinking about beginning my own blog for a long time, and I’ve decided that the time to think about doing it is over.  I’ve now done it! 

I’m hoping to focus this blog on the amazing strides Social Media has taken in growing business for almost every organization, group, company and person it touches. It knocks my socks off how fast and successful those who “get it” are achieving their goals.

I have seen the success of how Social Media can grow an event/organization.  I volunteered for Laura’s Smile Mile, a 5K Run/Walk for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. They asked me to put together a social media campaign that would bring more exposure to the event.

I began immediately by signing up Laura’s Smile Mile for a Twitter and Facebook account. I began by inviting volunteers to both pages and asking them to invite their friends. I then began searching for anything related to Ovarian Cancer and following them.  I interacted with people who wanted to participate in the walk, doctors and hospitals that wanted me to post the newest studies and media who wanted to cover the event.  2009’s event had over 550 participants, this year’s event was over 700 participants. Although, I can not rely wholly on social media for the success, I’ve been told on  social media sites and in person that participants were exposed to the event through social media.

I am in the beginning stages of how to use Social Media in my job as an Assignment Editor for  TODAY’S TMJ4 . I like the Wiki definition for an Assignment Editor, but basically I am the first one to hear the news and from there that information is given to reporters to create a story. I’ve been using Twitter to monitor stories, by using keywords. For instance, if I wanted to know what people are saying about “Milwaukee” I would monitor posts that mention the word “Milwaukee. I’m also able to follow important information from politicians, businesses, organizations etc,  that may have newsworthy tweets. Right now, I’m exploring the interaction angle of twitter for the Assignment Desk. I’ve received news tips through twitter, and questions on story coverage. Thus far, I’ve had a positive response from the interaction I give those who post to our page. It will be interesting see how it grows in the future.

I hope to share my knowledge of Social Media as I continue to learn about all the amazing offerings it can provide to its users.


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